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1st Global Employee Benefits Conference in Russia

1 October,  2015

InterContinental Hotel, Moscow, Russia

Event Agenda

The conference will be moderated by a joint team of Towers Watson and In2Matrix experts. Additionally, key note speakers will provide insights on local and international talent management, rewards, and risk benefit management for businesses with a current or future presence in the CIS and beyond.

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9:00 - 9:20


Gerard Baltazar, Chairman and CEO, In2Matrix, and Simon Gilliat, Global Head of International Consulting Group and Managing Director of CEEMEA, Towers Watson.

9:20 - 9:50

Current economic situation

Alexis Rodzianko, AmCham President

What does the future hold for the Russian economy and what are the implications on businesses and their employees?


11:45 - 13:00

Panel discussion, the Big debate

Chaired by Phil Simmance – panel will include sponsors, clients, market experts.

What trends are we seeing in the compensation and benefits environment in Russia?

13:00 - 14:00

Lunch Break

14:00 - 15:00

Breakout session 1

  • Size is not a barrier - Global benefits for regional players

  • Basics of insurance pricing

  • Flexible benefits in Russia and elsewhere


15:45 - 16:00

Networking, Coffee Break

9:50 - 10:30

Importance of Transparency and Governance

Roger Munnings

16:00 - 17:00

Breakout session 3

  • Can pension and long-term savings plans succeed in Russia?

  • Managing reward through the current crisis

  • Under-estimated aspects of the employer-sponsored life insurance: the provider’s view 

17:00 - 17:45

Next Steps ...

Simon Gilliat, Towers Watson

10:30 - 11:00

Challenges and opportunities of healthcare market in Russia

Alexander Lazarev, Metlife

11:00 - 11:15


11:15 - 11:45

International Benefits – Strategy through execution

Andrea Vallachi, GEB

15:0 - 15:45

Breakout session 2

  • Voluntary insurance for critical diseases risks as the way to optimize personnel costs and keep the image of a socially responsible company

  • Improving employee healthcare and wellbeing: Allianz initiatives globally

  • Reshaping corporate insurance benefits model into benefits marketplace


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8:00 - 9:00

Registration and Breakfast Networking



Reception and client event

17:45 - 18:00

Presentation of attendance certificates and group photograph

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Strategic Partners

Breakout sessions

(delegates can attend three)

Size is not a barrier - Global benefits for regional players

Sandor Jonas, GEB

This session is designed to eliminate the myth that only big global firms can benefit from a pooling and captive mechanism. We will look at new trends and latest solutions available for regional benefits management.

Flexible benefits in Russia and elsewhere Simon Gilliat, Towers Watson

During this session we will look at how other countries around the world are using flex as part of their benefits packages, and whether any of the approaches can be utilised in Russia. We will look at flex plans that currently exist in Russia and consider the main issues and challenges around offering flexible benefits in Russia today.

Managing reward through the current crisis 

Darryl Davis, Towers Watson

This session will utilize Towers Watson’s latest research to examine how multinational companies have reacted to the current economic crisis in terms of pay management and other possible reward adjustments, differentiating both the need to protect employee purchasing power as well as rationalizing costs through a period of downturn. Given that long-term projections for Russia’s overall economic performance foreshadow a protracted, challenging environment to conduct business and achieve growth contrast with its overall performance over the previous decade, this also raises questions around the possible need for companies to perhaps adjust their overall reward and talent approaches in this strategic market going forward in order to adapt to new and ever-changing realities

Can pension and long-term savings plans succeed in Russia?

Michael Brough, Towers Watson

During this session we will look at the growing importance of pensions and long-term savings plans as a benefits offering in Russia, and consider whether introducing a new pension plan can deliver cost savings in Russia. The session will be underpinned by the results of the Towers Watson Russian Pension Plan Study 2014 – the first detailed survey of 127 Russian pension plans delivered through Welbi, Raiffeissen and MetLife.

Under-estimated aspects of the employer-sponsored life insurance: the provider’s view 

Alexey Andreev, Welbi

During this session we will consider some important factors which may change the employer’s decision when reviewing design of life insurance cover and renewing it via tender exercise. It will be illustrated how detailed claims statistics can be helpful in optimizing combination of different components of life cover and, as a result, in saving costs. Explanation will be given why current life insurer objectively bears more risk at renewal than a potential new insurer - so the former’s possible higher price can be justified. Cases will be considered when a newly appointed life insurer is obliged by law to refuse paying claims, unless before the contract conclusion, the employer has disclosed essential information about its employees’ state of health or about their being not actively working for a long period. The audience will be invited to discuss how they perceive life insurance benefits: as a set of insurance certificates arranged via procurement process from whatever supplier or as an effective system of benefits functioning for a long term in partnership with a happy provider, so the advantages of longer-term partnership will be highlighted.

Reshaping Corporate Insurance Benefits model into benefits marketplace

Aleksander Snurnitsyn

The session will provide a practical workshop on how to transform the usual corporate insurance benefits model into benefits marketplace. All the employers now are either concerned with the necessity of decreasing insurance benefits budgets and programs or optimizing the current insurance benefits budgets. At the same time the cost of the benefits increases so it is necessary to approach the choice and distribution of the benefits carefully. As an example to provide benefits only for those who really need them, sharing responsibility for its choice.

We will show a real example of the company where the benefits model works this way – each employee is given a choice of benefits that he can buy by himself, the ones he really needs and may allow financially. The purchase of the benefits is done via an instrument – BENEFACTORY. We will show the whole cycle of the system use – from making a choice to a final purchase using voluntary medical insurance program as an example. We will demonstrate how easily such benefits model can be administered.


Basics of insurance pricing

Timur Gilyazov, Metlife

This session will look at the pricing of insurance products, including separating fact from fiction, how to get more for less, and using pricing as a means of employee benefits cost management.

Voluntary insurance for the risk of critical illness – a means to optimize personnel costs for a socially responsible employer

Oleg Merkulov, VTB

In this session, we will highlight the importance of ‘social responsibility’ by employers while optimizing personnel costs.

In the current difficult economic climate companies look at ways to optimize employee costs. At the same time, companies would like to continue meeting their social responsibility. Both goals can be achieved, through some innovative insurance products in Russia.

Traditional employee benefits, such as VMI, cover common medical illnesses, but may not provide adequate medical help and financial assistance if employees suffer from critical illnesses. such as cancer, heart attack or stroke. We will discuss in this session how companies can choose (a combination of) employee insurances that result in high quality care and support for employees, whilst at the same time keeping the employer’s costs at an acceptable level.



Improving employee healthcare and wellbeing: Allianz initiatives globally


Rachid Belrabi, Allianz Global Benefits

The session will look at practical implementation of such important programs as prevention, wellbeing and corporate assistance. A unique opportunity to receive knowledge on international solutions with case studies included.