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1st Global Employee Benefits Conference in Russia

1 October,  2015

InterContinental Hotel, Moscow, Russia


The aim of the conference is to provide you with insight on local and international talent management, risk management, recent trends and innovative solutions from providers of global employee benefits for businesses with a current or future presence in Russia, the CIS and beyond.


Specifically, the conference will aim to provide you with:


  • A clear understanding of employee benefits, insurance products, pricing and benefits design, including case studies and guidance on how to implement these in your own organisation.

  • Practical knowledge of best market practices, tools and methods to minimize administration.

  • A unique opportunity to communicate with experts in the field of risk management and employee benefits, as well as to exchange views and discuss business opportunities with your peers.


The conference program is primarily designed for HR professionals, finance and procurement teams.


Participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance. The number of hours will count towards your Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

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